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If Getting Your Throat Chopped In Half With A Stick Is Cool Then Consider Me Miles Davis

Ahh yes, the ancient art of throat slashing. It's an easy sport if you want to get into it. All you need is a stick, a friend, and a throat. Then you take that stick...and try and kill you friend with it. You can also use a PVC pipe.

Here's the description from New China TV. 

Shaolin "Iron Skill" Kung Fu: Monk breaks stick with neck

It's the Shaolin "Iron Skill" Kung Fu. A monk from the Southern Shaolin Monastery in China's Fujian Province displayed his skills of breaking a stick with the neck, at the opening ceremony of a martial arts festival on Sunday. The Southern Shaolin Monastery is seen by tradition as the source of all southern Chinese martial arts.

Who knew that throat slashing was the way to enlightenment? I guess even Monks have to update their playbook every once in a while. Shout out to the guy who hit him THREE times before he finally got the break. That last one felt personal. 

Culture is a funny thing. Don't expect this sport to take off in US any time soon and if it does, consider me Miles Davis.