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Wholesome Family Fun: Elementary School Hires Stripper To Perform For The Kids

Call me crazy, but that felt appropriate. I know the dads loved it. For some reason the song made it completely okay. If they had played Sweet Cherry Pie that would've been one thing, but 'Hallelujah' made it feel more like a religious experience than an X-rated striptease. Which, for some kids, it will be. I'm sure most of them had zero idea what was going on, but a select few will show up to recess tomorrow rocking a leather jacket with a pack of Lucky Strikes in their lunch box. Chances are it will be this guy's son. 

No one's ever been more comfortable at an elementary school stripper party than him. He's legitimately mesmerized. (Bottom left.)

 Hats off to whoever organized this. It takes a hell of a salesmen to pull off a stunt like that. Well done.