I Want YOU To Be My Roommate This Fall

The good news is I just got word that my roommate will be moving out of my apartment in August! He told me that he wants to get a place for himself and his lady friend. It might be because he read my blog, it might be because he has the money for it, or maybe he's tired of my Lollapalooza wristband that I've been wearing for 280 days smelling up the living room. 

The bad news is that I now need another roommate. Considering what we are living in right now, I would imagine this is not a great time to consider moving. But hey, if this world gets back on track soon, then this is your chance to not only live in a great apartment in New Jersey, but also live with me! What are the pros of living with me you may ask?

1. Cheap rent

2. Very spacious apartment

3. 5 minute bus ride into Manhattan

4. Quiet area

5. In unit Washer and Dryer

6. The chance for me to make you Snapchat famous (might be a con actually) 

Here are some photos of the place!

If I'm being honest, the only cons I can think of are hearing my rage in COD and I don't have a car. But that can all be fixed with telling me to shut the hell up and call an Uber. I also bring home girls every weekend so that might be annoying to you too. Haha just kidding. 

I'm dead serious though. I do need a roommate in August and my place is a great deal for its location. If you are looking for a place to live, email me at mantis@barstoolsports.com, tweet me @YoungMantis2, or DM me on Instagram @youngmantis2. No pets or weed please.