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How Does A Moray Eel Actually Bite You?

Today's wildlife video does not feature my arm, but rather another human's limb getting very forcefully bitten by a Green Moray Eel.  Capt. Davey Jones out of Bud N Mary's in Islamorada aka @Munstersfishing captured this footage of a very misguided attempt at caressing a non-cooperative sea creature.  Its such a perfect clip - the freakout after it latches on, the mayhem, its just beautiful.

You have to admire his friend going "don't get bit" approximately .1 seconds before he gets 4-5 puncture wounds in his flesh.  Its going to be tough to find a ton of moments in human history that someone's advice was so steeply disregarded.  He specifically told him NOT to get bit.  The wording wasn't obscure at all SMH.

Eels are not to be trifled with.  Even the most weathered fisherman I know don't mess with them for a millisecond longer than it takes to cut them off and send them back to the depths.  Nasty critters.