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Ryan Garcia Has Faster Hands Than Delino Deshields

I am not gonna act as if I know anything at all about boxing but I saw this clip, watched it 10x and still can't process how it's physically possible for a human's hands to move this fast. It's almost as if I want to say it's sped up x100 because my brain can't process it whatsoever.  

Dude's 20-0 with 17 knockouts, about half of those knockouts coming in the first round, and is the current WBO silver lightweight title holder. Just a freak and only 21 years old. I used to love Amir Kahn in spite of his glass jaw solely because his hands were/are faster than fuck and he did have a few big fights in his career but this Garcia dude looks like the next big thing, so I'm officially his biggest fan because of the clip above. Lots of punches = entertainment to me.

Check out his highlights