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Best day ever.  3 seed getting upset by a 14 seed after everyone has been saying, “I know they’re a 3 seed but they could make a deep run in the tournament no matter who they play.”  Oh wait, I was one of those people?  My bad.  Fuck Iowa State.  Just because I’m from here doesn’t mean I root for them.  Fence sitters can GTFO.  I’ve said it from the jump.  I hate this team but I thought they were super duper good.  Fred Hoiberg is an NBA-caliber coach in the NCAA.  McKay was the Big 12 defensive player of the year.  Niang is one of the best players in the country.  Iowa State won the tournament of the best basketball conference in the nation.  They just played like absolute shit today.  That’s the bottom line.  UAB out rebounded ISU by about a trillion.  It’s pretty incredible to think the Cyclones came back from down 17 to Kansas and won but couldn’t come back and beat UAB.  Unreal.  And I thought I was gonna have to be nervous that they were gonna win the National Cahmpionship.  Nope.  Out in the first/second/whatever we’re calling it now round.


Sorry about your brackets.