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Mike Tyson Has Been Offered $1 Million To Fight A New Zealand Rugby Star In Australia And The World Deserves To See It Happen

Wales Online- Heavyweight boxing icon Mike Tyson has been offered $1 million to step into the ring with New Zealand rugby star Sonny Bill Williams. Tyson, aged 53, went viral on social media last week after posting a video of himself working on the pads, displaying his trademark ferocious speed and power is still there.

But Tyson is considering a return to the ring for three-round charity bouts only and Australian promoter Brian Amatruda is keen to get something on Down Under. He floated the prospect of Tyson stepping in with All Blacks centre Williams, who has won all seven of his bouts but has not boxed since 2015. The other options Amatruda discussed were former AFL star Barry Hall and retired NRL star Paul Gallen. "The first thing I did was contact Max Markson (celebrity agent) and ask him to offer Tyson $1 million," Armatruda told the Daily Mail. "He might be 53 years old but he's still a huge name and any of those blokes - Hall, Gallen or Sonny Bill - would jump at the chance to get into the ring with him.

THIS IS THE CONTENT WE NEED RIGHT NOW!!! I know we will never get back Prime Mike Tyson, who I never actually watched extinguish his opponents in mere seconds despite me now being an Old. I did watch my fair share of Post Jail And Burnt Out From Fame Mike Tyson cash in on his name in some fights that were varying degrees of entertaining and exciting against some opponents that were just better boxers than him by that point. But I never saw much of The Baddest Man On The Planet that could do shit like this any given fight:

However, seeing what kind of life Mike Tyson still has in those window-making hands when he upgrades his opponent from some gloves to a retired rugby player from New Zealand with a few boxing matches under his belt would be perfect. I don't care how good Sonny Bill Williams was as a boxer (7-0 by the way). Just seeing the words New Zealand + Rugby Player together tell me that dude is a bad motherfucker like seeing the words Murder + Hornets together when describing a bug. Williams dabbling in the sweet science until 2015 only makes a potential fight more interesting since it won't be a random pedestrian who doesn't know any technique being fed to an angry tiger. And I don't know why it makes a difference to my dumb brain, but just seeing the $1 million price tag attached to Tyson's offer instantly makes this fight seem that much bigger, even if its less than a Kirk Cousins game check.

I know Tyson, Williams, or the promoter may want to wait until quarantine is over in order to sell out an arena in Australia. But who knows when we will be able to get tens of thousands of people together under the same roof. I say they ship Tyson's crew and whatever ex rugby player he chooses as an opponent to Fight Island with Dana White and they put together a boxing card on a PPV so everyone can get paid. It's not like the island is called MMA Island or UFC Island. It's Fight Island and boxing is fighting last I checked.

In fact, once Tyson gets in shape and on Fight Island, we can just run him through a gauntlet of fun Mike Tyson fights.  Mike Tyson vs. a hive of those aforementioned murder hornets. Mike Tyson vs. regular people named Von Kaiser, Don Flamenco, and Piston Honda (all at the same time to even things out obviously). Fuck it…

I'm still mad I spent $50 or whatever it was to watch Tyson bite another man's ear off on live TV. Okay, that's not true. That was one of the most surreal and craziest moments of my life as well as one of the all-time sports moments I wish Twitter was around for. 

But lets focus on getting Mike Tyson in the ring with an New Zealander (?) rugby player, or any New Zealander to be honest, and then go from there.