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It's OK to Buy Some Generic Items. Knock Off AirPods Are Not One of Them

You know the saying... A dollar saved is a dollar earned. 

That axiom was particularly true in my household when I was growing up. My mom taught me at a young age to look for bargains. One of her main tricks was to ALWAYS buy the generic brand if it makes sense. We STILL call each other to this day to brag about how much money we saved on buying groceries, household items, etc... 

But even though I respect the desire to save a buck, there are certain items that you just CANNOT buy on the cheap without a huge drop-off in quality. 

There's nothing worse than buying the cheap item you thought would work similarly to the real McCoy and then it just... doesn't. 

Have you ever been on a vacation and forgot your iPhone charger only to buy one at the corner store or airport only to plug that baby in without it charging along with a "your accessory isn't supported with this device" alert? Same thing happens when you buy the cheapest flat screen possible on Amazon and it shuts off randomly in the middle of watching the Super Bowl. 

Yeah, not a great situation. 

So be wary of electronic knock offs. 

Someone should have told this axiom to a woman who decided to buy a pair of Faux AirPods. She knew they weren't real when she got them on Amazon, because normally they cost hundreds of dollars, but she thought she would get a passable knock-off -- kind of like a Prada bag from Canal street. Not quite real, but imperceptible to the untrained eye. 

Then she got them in the mail. 

Ya think someone is going to notice those hair dryer sized airpods aren't the real deal Holyfield's?? 

Like I said, buying generic mayo and you get what you pay for (probably a night of abdominal cramps). But every once in awhile, you get a knock off so bad it actually becomes art. Comically oversized AirPods qualify as art. Put that shit on a pedestal and display it in your house.

It won't help you play music wirelessly, but it'll probably be worth the $19.95 you spent thinking you would fool your friends about what a baller you are just as a conversation piece.