We Don't Talk Enough About What An Absolute Bop The Theme Song From "Gullah Gullah Island" Was

When we talk about legendary theme songs from our childhood, the conversation always starts and ends with Arthur. And that's for good reason. You don't have Ziggy Marley come up with your show's theme song and have it not be a total jam. 

But one show that I fear gets forgotten about most of the time is Gullah Gullah Island. Which is simply unacceptable because this theme song absolutely GOES. I'm not going to be a jackass and put a hot take out there just for the sake of having a hot take. So I'm not going to say its better than the Arthur theme song. But does it at least belong in the conversation? Buddy,,,,,,abso-fucking-lutely. 


You throw that jam on at a party and you're a hero. Only issue will come 9 months later because everybody's getting pregnant at that party. You hear the Gullah Gullah theme and you're instantly in the best mood of your life. Immediately transported to a tropical paradise where you just get to chill with a big ass yellow frog all day. This wasn't just a theme song for a children's show. It was the theme song to a whole damn lifestyle. Legendary bop. 

And now the obligatory: