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Brooks Koepka Once Talked Shit For An Entire Match Until MJ Teed Up On 17 And Said 'It's The 4th Quarter Baby, I Don't Lose' - Guess Who Won?

Yep, that's exactly how I imagine it going. Not only that but Jordan starting the round by negotiating shots. He's a man who knows to try and find an edge. He's 100% the guy that asks for way too many shots. Naturally he just wears people down like sure Mike, go ahead. I believe you're playing to a 10, here's 8 shots. 

Then it happens on the 17th. You're only 1 up when you should probably close the match 3 and 2 or so. Then it happens. Then Mike becomes Michael and he starts talking shit. What a line too. It's the 4th quarter baby, I don't lose. Love that the 4th quarter in golf starts on the 17th hole. What's the 16th hole? Feel like that's really the 4th quarter. 

Remember, Jordan is a menace on the golf course - not that you needed to be reminded. But this is the second pro golfer to come out and share a Jordan golf story. 


I can't get over thinking of what dollar amount is the amount that scares some of these people. You're talking about guys worth $20 million or so. What's the amount that's going to scare someone like that vs someone like us. This is starting to be something I'd have high on my list of what I'd want to watch in person. I want to see competitive ass guys like this playing 1v1 with no cameras. I want to hear the shit talking. I want to hear the gambling. 

The moment you hear Jordan say the 4th quarter line, you just have to punch the live line on MJ no matter what, right? Feel like the moment he locks in like that he's winning no matter what. Doesn't matter the game. Doesn't matter the lead. These are the stories I want to hear.