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Tough Look For The Losers And Haters - A Former NBA Player And 18-Year Coach Says John Calipari Is The Best In-Game Coach He's Ever Seen

Oh what's that? The best in-game coach he's ever seen? A guy who played college hoops, played in the NBA and coached in the NBA for 18 years? This isn't me saying this, this is someone who has experience with numerous head coaches, Hall of Fame type guys during his career. And who is the best he's ever seen? 

Oh and see that logo on the video? That's NBA Legends - a group that our boys at Mickstape is friendly with. So if you want to mock Kenny Gattison, you're mocking Mickstape. Just think about that for a second. Not some bum just saying this. No one that went to Kentucky. Just a guy on the NBA Legends page calling Coach Cal the greatest in-game coach ever. 


Just a tough look for the idiots who still say 'all he does is roll the balls out and let them play.' That's someone who says right away - I don't watch basketball. You can talk to guys who played for Cal or played against Cal - he coaches his ass off. His offense is predicated on more than just 'dribble-drive' since he hasn't run that in years. It's circle cuts, Spain Pick and Roll, etc. 

Also The Idea Man is a genius! 

Saving the NBA, best in-game coach, what can't Cal do?