55 Years Later, The Rolling Stones Still Fuck

May 7, 1965 - While still half asleep and most likely banged up from the night before, Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones tape-records what will become the riff for the band's breakthrough single Satisfaction before immediately falling back to sleep. After 5 days,  3 spent recording at studios located in both Chicago and LA, the Stones completed the single that would be named #2 on the 500 greatest songs of all time. 

“I put it back on [tape-recorder], and there’s this, maybe, 30 seconds of ‘Satisfaction,’ in a very drowsy sort of rendition. And then it suddenly—the guitar goes ‘CLANG,” and then there’s like 45 minutes of snoring.”- Keith Richards 

This clip is one of the Rolling Stones first recorded live performances. 55 years later, the song AND the Stones still fuck. Seriously. After looking at their catalogue you have to wonder if the stones were THE horniest band to ever hit the stage? All they wrote about was detailed fuckin' and getting horned up.


I guess this is why the Mick Jagger got an entire Adam Levine song about dick wiggling, but Mick Jagger filming an entire music video dressed as Brandon Walker recreating a Kayce Smith thirst trap is an all time big dick power move.