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Looks Like COVID-19 Testing Has Begun For UFC Athletes Competing On Saturday

Tell ya what - that doesn't look fun at all...but if anyone on this planet would actually enjoy shit like that, though, it's Tony Ferguson.

You could check out my interview with UFC President Dana White from yesterday to learn more about the safety precautions and mentality the UFC has going into this event...


...but I do believe that they're truly doing this as safely as possible. Each and every athlete and employee is getting a COVID-19 test, the antibody test, the whole fuckin ordeal. Plus, there will be no octagon-side interviews and all that nonsense. I wonder if Dana is gonna wear a mask into the cage to strap the titles around the winners' waists? Damn, I guess I should've asked him that yesterday. Oh well! 

Stoked for these fights! Check out my breakdown of sorts here...