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Great News! Patrick Ewing Says Mac McClung Is Coming Back To Georgetown ... Except, Well, McClung Has No Idea What Ewing Is Talking About


A little good news, bad news situation here at Georgetown. Patrick Ewing said out loud that Mac McClung is coming back to Georgetown. That would be a huge win for the Hoyas and Ewing. A huge positive for a program that lost a handful of guys mid-season to transfer and a couple having off the court issues. Once that happened McClung turned into the top option for Georgetown and a combo guard.

But, some bad news to go along with it. Mac McClung and his agent said they have no idea what the fuck Patrick Ewing is talking about. Call me crazy but I'm pretty sure you want your best player and head coach on the same page. Maybe wait a minute or two to find out 100% for sure if he's even coming back to college. Again, call me crazy, just how I would probably handle it here. 

I'd love if McClung came back to college. The dude is unbelievably fun to watch. Remember, he broke Allen Iverson's scoring record in Virginia. He's Riff Raff's cousin! He also is an unbelievable and I mean unbelievable dunker 

The Patrick Ewing experience at Georgetown has been a weird one. I actually think he's a good coach. But they have dealt with roster turnover. They haven't exactly been super successful or anything like that. The first year they played a terrible nonconference. But he was recruiting at a decent clip and like I mentioned before -no NBA guy will truly get the respect they deserve as a coach. 

Either way, this whole McClung thing is not the best look.