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A Teaser Trailer For PGA Tour 2K21 Just Dropped And I'm Hard As A Rock

Is that a real thing? Did we know this was happening? Did you know this was happening and didn't tell me? I have a lot of questions but the main thing I'm feeling right now is arousal. I am extremely turned on by that teaser trailer. I have been waiting for a golf video game to grab my attention again for some time now and PGA Tour 2K21 just did with a 17-second trailer.

I'll be honest, I haven't played a golf video game since Tiger Woods' name was taken off the cover of the PGA Tour game. I played the Rory game once or twice and never went back to it. I know people play The Golf Club but I never got into that because that game coincided with me falling out of love with video games (something I never thought would happen and then it happened instantly around 2015). And if we're being really really honest I stopped buying Tiger Woods video games after 2007 because I loved that one so much. Pound-for-pound I've played Tiger Woods 2007 more than I've done anything in my life not counting masturbation. I loved that game with all of my heart and still do.

I say all that to say this, I am ALL IN on PGA Tour 2K21. I will buy whatever system necessary to play that game. Look at those graphics! That could not have looked more like TPC Sawgrass if you were standing on the property itself. Is Tiger Woods going to be in this game? He fucking better be. It's not a deal breaker for me but I need the Boss Man to be involved. What courses are gonna be in the game? I need so many more details but EA officially has my attention.