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Newspapers Are Becoming Cool On TikTok

There have been thousands of articles on the dying newspaper industry. I don't know the exact number of newspapers that have gone under in the past decade, but it's a lot. 

The question at hand for the newspaper industry is simple: how can we save it? Who would've thought it was TikTok that maybe is its savior. 

Lyss (@concretecrotchkiss) has 1 million followers on the popular app for the Zoomers. In all honesty, I thought this was going to turn into a TikTok where she turned the newspaper into some cool outfit. Boy was I wrong. She found herself surprised with how "informative" the newspaper was:

The 12-hour late propaganda machine is alive and well with her. 

She didn't touch on the backpages. Do those still exist? Wait until you tell these Zoomers on TikTok that you used to find love (& prostitution) from the backpage. The original Tinder.