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I Think I Convinced Joel Madden of Good Charlotte To Resurrect The HFStival For One Last Go

So before Good Charlotte were world famous musicians married to superstar celebrities, they were a local band back in Maryland. Back then they were a local band played on the Baltimore/Washington radio station 99.1 WHFS and released their first album "Good Charlotte" when I was in 7th grade. It was loud, it was angsty, it was everything you wanted in music when you were an emo 7th grader. I loved it. Included on that album (which is very good by the way if you only know the stuff that came after it on "The Young and the Hopeless" which obviously propelled them to super stardom) was a song called "Festival Song". It was written about the HFStival, something I've blogged about here and there:


Flash forward to a couple weeks ago when I bought an HFS hoodie, one thing led to another, and I'm now in the process of trying to convince Joel Madden to bring back HFStival...and I think it's going pretty well....


BOOOOOM! I'm not a lawyer but I am on Twitter a lot so I'm basically a Twitter lawyer and that's binding if I've ever seen it. Joel has agreed to bring back HFStival. So that begs the question, who else would we need on the bill? 

The first band that comes to my mind is obviously Jimmie's Chicken Shack, that's a no-brainer. Other local bands like All Time Low who played it in 2006 and this little band from Virginia called Foo Fighters who played it 3 times would need to be there as well. Carbon Leaf and Animal Collective would be great, and of course my band OAR would be good for an hour-long set as well. We could get a re-united SR-71 for old time's sake, and maybe a guy from Charlottesville, VA named Dave Matthews could bring his band along to close it out. What an incredible DMV-based, local band fest we could have. Mix in a few local openers and voila, we have the concert of the decade.

Nothing would be better than one last HFStival at RFK when this pandemic is all over. Next summer. Just like the good ol' days. Plus it'll be the 25th anniversary of this....

Whatdya say, Joel?