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Wake Up With Bryce Harper Becoming The Prince Of Philly With A Walk-Off Grand Slam

I listened to the entire Starting 9 interview with Bryce Harper last night and holyyyyy shit it was good. Gigantic guest and the boys delivered with a money interview with Harp. He goes into some deeeeep details about the potential Washington to Houston trade and what he would have done in the offseason, his deal, everything. Really, really good interview here. He also talked about the walk-off grand slam against the Cubs where he SPRINTED around the bases, I went back to watch and holy shit he really did sprint around the bases like a madman. This ball was destroyed too, so he deserved the right to sprint to his teammates. Phillies also need to wear those power blues a little more, those things are beautiful. Love how the crowed explodes too, everyone there is losing their mind after that swing. That ball was pulverized.