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LaVar Ball Is Already Predicting That All Three Ball Brothers Will One Day Come Back To The Lakers

You put LaVar Ball in front of a camera, he's going to say something outrageous. That's his brand. Well he's back at it again, this time "predicting" that all three of his sons will one day play for the Lakers. It's a declaration that we've heard before, and the last time he put that out into the universe Lonzo was drafted by LA so who knows. Somehow, some way he finds a way to be right about these things.

There are some immediate road blocks though. For example, Lonzo is a RFA down in New Orleans, and all signs point to them either reaching an extension or matching any offer that comes his way. Why wouldn't they? So right off the bat that's looking like he's there for at least 4 more years until his age 28 season. Still relatively young, but if things go well in NO I doubt he's going to be itching to leave Zion/Ingram. Not that it matters though since LaMelo is going to be locked up for even longer. Unless he's a bust and whoever drafts him pulls back from giving him a qualifying offer at the end of his first deal, he's essentially locked up for the next 8 years too. Now Lonzo is at least 32, which isn't exactly young.

Then there's the middle brother who isn't even on an NBA roster at the moment. I'm pretty sure he signed with OKC's G-League team so he has that going for him, but in a minimum of 8 years he's also going to be on the Lakers? Yeah I'm not so sure about that. 

While I respect LaVar's attempt to speak this into existence since its worked for him before, the facts of the situation make this one hard for me to buy. It's much more believable that LeBron is going to play with Bronny somehow than the three Ball brothers all rocking the purple and gold at the same time.

Now, to the highlights!