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Biggest Athletic Freak In Sports

When I saw Marty Mush eat a pound of mac & cheese then run the office mile in 7:47 wearing jeans and someone else's belt ... I could tell he was a freak athlete. 

Walk The Line just released Marty's college baseball stats and confirmed what we already knew via ping pong toss videos and random world records ... kid's a freak athlete. 

I always appreciate twitter threads that name the most random basketball player, or biggest draft bust you thought would be great. My question is who is the biggest freak athlete you've ever seen, not necessarily the most skilled. 

My freak athlete is Big East 6th Man of the Year Patrick Ewing Jr.

Maybe I'm a prisoner of the moment after watching The Last Dance and seeing how insanely quick Patrick Ewing Sr. is in highlights, but that made me think of this moment ... 

… and that's why Patrick Ewing Jr. is my pick for absolute freak of an athlete. 

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