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Jim Gaffigan Playing The Role Of Rob Ford In An AMC Miniseries Is Exactly What The World Needs To Hear Right Now

Variety- Jim Gaffigan is preparing to play former Toronto mayor Rob Ford in a scripted series currently in the works at AMC, Variety has learned exclusively. Jesse McKeown will write and executive produce, with Ed Helms and Mike Falbo executive producing under their Pacific Electric Picture Co. banner. Michael Dowse will executive produce and direct.

The dark comedy series would detail the rise and fall of the controversial Ford, who served as the mayor of Toronto from 2010 to 2014 after many years as a city councilor. He was infamously caught on video smoking crack cocaine during his 2014 reelection campaign and was known to suffer from other substance abuse issues.

Nothing like a little Good News Tuesday to drop from the bright blue sky. Say what you want about Rob Ford's political contributions, but the man was a content machine with a switch stuck in overdrive when he was in office. Ford was as much a fixture on OG Barstool as things like Cube Monkey Chronicles and Guess That Ass. You never knew which story was going to come next from Canada, whether it was him dancing or smoking crack or falling down while tossing around the pigskin. 

Which is why it warms my heart hearing that someone like Jim Gaffigan will play the role of a political Chris Farley in what is being described as a dark comedy since Gaffigan not only has the acting chops and comedic chops to pull it off but he has also appeared on Barstool's airwaves recently.

I don't know when this will be shot or released but I'm hoping it will be sooner rather than later because we may get another pandemic spike in the fall and we will need a shot to carry us for a few weeks like Tiger King did and I can't think of another person living or dead better suited to fit that role than Rob Ford, who thrived in a simpler world during simpler times when life was a little more fun that I personally wouldn't mind going back to. 

RIP In Peace sweet prince