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Here's What It Looks Like When The Government Blows Up 10 Tons Of Fireworks


Video description:


Midland Police Department’s bomb squad recently assisted the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives with the disposal of approximately 20,000 pounds of seized fireworks over the course of threeand a half days in Glasscock County.






Two things.  One, super awesome.  If your life’s dream was to wake up one day and see what it looked like when 20,000 pounds of fireworks got lit at once you just saw it.  Lots of bangs, lots of smokes and lots of fun.  Second, maybe get a little closer next time.  They’re at a distance where they seemed to think they were about to witness an atomic bomb.  It’s firecrackers and roman candles bruh, not nuclear fission (had to Google that.  Speack English doc, we ain’t scientists).  You can inch a little closer than 5,000 yards away.  I wanna be up close.  There’s probably soccer Mom’s sitting on blankets that are closer than these dudes who took the video.