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A Few Virginia Tech Fans Accuse North Carolina Assistant Of A Recruiting Violation......It Appears They Were Very Wrong

My eyes lit up when I saw this tweet. 

A North Carolina assistant coach bragging about recruiting during an NCAA dead period (until May 31st)?! It couldn't be more perfect. There goes North Carolina cheating again!

However, there was more to this story it appears. Jovan Dewitt tweeted this yesterday at 9:17 AM:


As one knows, there are no palm trees in Chapel Hill...where was he? Florida? Recruiting during a dead period?! GET THE NCAA INVESTIGATORS:

This makes perfect sense! The reason they are so high in recruiting rankings is due to their coaches CHEATING once again!

Unfortunately for these Virginia Tech fans, this story turned into a load of nothing. Dewitt later tweeted out a picture of him clearly working from home:


And then a video of his kids:

It appears as if Coach Dewitt is currently staying with his parents in Myrtle Beach, hence the palm trees. 

Welp. Virginia Tech fansL

You were so close!!!