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'Fuck U, fuck your sources and your book' - Kevin Durant, Texting The Author Of A Warriors Book After He Joined The Nets

[Source] - Months later, with Durant settled in Brooklyn, Strauss texted him to see if he would talk to him for “The Victory Machine.” It feels like due diligence but also like a chance for Strauss to eke out one more anecdote for the book. “Fuck u, fuck your sources and your book,” Durant replied. He’s no longer on the team, but he’s on the cover of the book, anyway—alone.

I'll be honest, I wanted to rip Durant for this, but I don't blame him. It's not like he asked to be part of this book. Sure, he asked to join the Warriors - or rather, was asked to join the Warriors. But the point is it's like being someone from The Last Dance. That was strictly because of Michael Jordan. You think Scott Burrell wanted to be a part of that? Based on the end of episode 4, I'll go with no. 

But Durant just responding 'fuck u, fuck your sources and your book'? Well that's just funny. The thought of this massive human and NBA star angrily texting will just make me laugh out loud. There is history here too, which is why Durant responded the way he did


It's been talked about before. Yes, Durant sounds like a whiny bitch, but he's not wrong. He was the outsider for Golden State. He was the one who was going to get the blame no matter what because he left the Thunder to join the Warriors. If they won it was always 'well, yeah, they have Durant they should win.' If they lost it was Durant's fault first. It never went on Klay, it rarely went on Steph. Sure, Draymond caught some flack, but it was Draymond. He's not on the same level as those other guys. 

I'll say this. Durant doesn't owe Strauss shit and I like reading Strauss. He's not getting paid for the book. He doesn't have to respond. A large part of the book is dedicated to his time there and his relationship with the media, teammates, etc. We know how Durant is. The dude reads everything that's said about him. He's a young dude in the social media age. OF COURSE he's going to read everything. 

I'm a little more upset he didn't drop one more fuck though. Should have been fuck you, fuck your sources and fuck your book. Feel like that would have really gotten the point across more.