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Hank Thinks He Can Beat Me In Ping Pong Today. Hank Is A Fool.

After putting a gentlemans sweep on Hank last Thursday and evening our series to 1-1 in best-of-seven contests Hank has challenged me to another round this afternoon and I am happy to oblige. So on center court at 2:45/3:00 pm, Hank and I will be squaring off again live on stool streams with Big Cat on the call in the booth.

Heres a little preview of what I have in store for Henry:

Hank, if your reading this (you are) or at least looking at the pictures, maybe this can paint things a little clearer:

Once again- the contest will air live on the PMT twitch account at around 2:45 PM so tune in and watch a absolute slaughter along the lines of murder hornets invading honeybee hives.