Happy Two Year Anniversary To The Best Confetti Drop In History

Man, has it been two years already? Seems like this all happened just yesterday and I have to admit this might be my favorite part of The Process to date. Even more so than the Sixers trading Tatum/Romeo for Markelle Fultz and that was an absolute disaster. If I could buy that guy who was in charge of releasing a confetti a beer I'd get him drunk off his ass for blessing us all with that great moment. Few things sum up The Process better than releasing confetti celebrating a win in a game you very much did not win. To then blow it at home in OT was simply the cherry on top.

Remember, despite being the 2 seed the Celts didn't have Kyrie or Hayward in this series and were underdogs heading in despite having home court


Yeah, they won that shit in 5 games. You might also remember that series as the one where Ben Simmons dropped a monster 1 point in 30 minutes in Game 2. We then got one of the best Mook gifs of all time as a result of that series

To this day I still don't understand how you can be in someone's head while being down 3-0. A rare shit talking L for Embiid who is usually pretty great at it. I'd argue he's the best shit talking big and maybe overall player in the NBA. It was a great representation of how Sixers fans think though so I will give him credit there. 

It's a damn shame both teams choked in last year's playoffs so they couldn't have a rematch in the ECF, and hopefully the NBA season comes back because the two are slated to meet this year in the first round. We're at the point now where The Process is "complete", so I'd love to see what happens when both sides are rested and there are no B2Bs in their matchups. So far when that's happened during the year the teams are 1-1, and in my opinion it would make for one hell of a series. If the Sixers still aren't able to get past the Celts even after stealing Al Horford and giving him and Tobias Harris a combined 280M, do they blow it up? Something to think about.

Now for old times sake, let's fire up those 2018 highlights