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UCF Fans Are Pissed Again, This Time Because the Orlando Mayor Wore a UF Mask

Not even the threat of college football ceasing to exist can prevent UCF fans from being irrationally upset about something. Today, they're mad that Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer wore a Florida Gators mask during a public coronavirus update.

Now if this was the mayor of Tallahassee doing this, I would stand behind outrage from Florida State fans. This kind of behavior would be unacceptable for actual rivals who play college football with real stakes. If Glenn Jacobs a.k.a. Mayor Kane ever dared to wear a Florida or Alabama mask in Knoxville, I would lead the mob.

But Dyer has his law degree from the University of Florida. Is he supposed to pretend he's a fan of some second-rate AAC school just because he's the mayor of Orlando right now? How ridiculous would it be if this guy started saying he was a fan of wherever his political career leads him? At least he's authentic.

UCF fans still don't understand that they're the laughing stock of college football. Other than schools like Alabama and Clemson which are hated for their success and fake fans, I don't know that there's a school in the country more disliked than UCF. All they do is play 10 variations of Weenie Hut Junior University, Memphis and some shitty P5 school if they're lucky and then cry foul when they don't get to play for a national championship.

I will never forget the UCF kid who came into the office a few months ago and tried to lay out a 36-point explanation to Jack Mac and myself as to why they actually won a national title. It was the most asinine argument I've ever heard in my life. He also claimed Joe Burrow was concussed into a Heisman by the Knights, if that gives you an idea of how the rest of that conversation went.

I deal with SEC fanbases on a daily basis and UCF's is the whiniest bunch this side of the nut house. Just take a chill pill, guys.