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Steve Carell's New Show "Space Force" Dropping On May 29th Has A Full Trailer...Your Thoughts?

At long last, Steve Carell is making his return to comedy television later this month (lol we're already in May, how has this year been real?) in Netflix's "Space Force". Now, I am not really a fan of that trailer, it didn't exactly blow my britches away, and I'm not going to worry about that AT ALL. I could not care less about that trailer. This is a show with Carell, Malkovich, Ben Schwartz, and Lisa Kudrow. Even if it's "bad" it'll still be good enough to watch. 

And that's sort of my biggest worry- it has this dream team cast but might fall flat. I know we're going to pretend we love it anyway (well, most people will because they'll want to appear smarter than you), but if it's kinda shitty at least the cast is strong enough to make it entertaining. I'm talking worst case scenario, obviously. 

Another worry is Trump jokes. I really, really do not want this show to be one long political satire about the current administration. I get the idea came from Trump's "Space Force" idea, but if every episode is political, that will get old really quickly. I'm sure there will be *some* jokes alluding to the president, but hopefully that's not a focal point.


In the end, we just gotta trust Greg Daniels and Steve Carell and hope this show is everything we want it to be. At worst it'll be 10 episodes of distraction during quarantine, at best we have a new smash show on our hands. Win-win-win.