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Another Day, Another Example Of White Sox Dave Not Understanding How Baseball Works

OK, WSD may understand how baseball works.  But getting 10 run, no hit, annihilated, emasculated, and castrated may also mean WSD doesn't know how baseball works.  Another day in the life of White Sox Dave.  This time, it didn't go without punishment.  WSD had to call his mother (or closest female relative) for being embarrassed so bad and had to inform them he is indeed a waste of life.  Kudos on WSD for checking in on his cousin.  "Do you have the Corona or are you safe?"

That's love.  But just gotta chalk it up to another episode of WSD incompetence.  Such a loathsome, offensive brute.  And yet I can't look away...

We're live now carrying WSD, per usual.  Chime in and inform him of his decadence.