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Elon Musk And Grimes Welcome Their First Baby And Name It X AE A-12 (No, Really)


NEWS- Tesla co-founder Elon Musk and Canadian singer Grimes have welcomed their first child together, with Musk saying their newborn son has been given an unusual name. The billionaire entrepreneur shared the news in a conversation on Twitter, posting a picture of him holding their little boy and saying in a separate message: "Mom & baby all good." In response to someone asking for the baby's name, the 48-year-old wrote: "X Æ A-12." We'll await confirmation on that one. Musk recently posted a series of bizarre tweets that saw $13bn wiped off Tesla's share price, however they jumped back up a few days later. He has also made headlines for his criticism of the coronavirus lockdown in the US, despite the high number of deaths.

Yes you read that headline correctly. Although the name may look like I lost consciousness for a few seconds and my head landed violently on the keyboard, that is in fact the name of Elon's new baby. I didn't even get the name right in the headline because I can't. My keyboard doesn't possess the capability to type the baby's name correctly, that's how wild it is and of course that's the case. And listen I'm not in the blog game to make fun of babies. That's not the reason I got into this line of work. To me, babies are off limits no matter how dumb and stupid and idiotic and insane their father may be but Elon left me with no choice. Celebrities have a history of weird baby names so you just had to expect Elon to one-up those people and go with gibberish.

I haven't been blogging about Elon Musk as much lately because he has somehow gotten even dumber during the coronavirus pandemic. He downplayed the seriousness of it, and continues to do so, and it felt gross blogging that stuff. And then there was some business about him making ventilators for hospitals, which would've been great, but then the ventilators ended up not being the right type or not getting there on time or some bullshit. I didn't touch that story because it felt wayyyyyyyyy too real as literally thousands of people were/are dying in hospitals.

However, lately Elon has gotten back to his old somewhat-harmless stupid self which has been nice. He's been purposely torpedoing Tesla stock because he thinks it's too high and then saying he's gonna sell all of his belongings and not live in a house. THAT is the big dumb idiot I've gotten to know over the years. And now he's given his kid a name straight outta Star Wars. Feels good to have Elon back and by back I mean being a fucking moron who I can make fun of.