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There's Nothing Better Than The Perfect Sing-A-Long At The Bar

Hen Ease went a little vi vi yesterday with the above tweet and he was 100% correct, you cannot watch that without a smile on your face. And it had me thinking about how wonderful bars are, and it reminded me of when bars would close over in England, most would play "Don't Look Back In Anger" which is for my money the greatest singalong rock n roll song ever made. Everyone would sway back and forth, enjoying each other's company, after another night out at the pub, going "soooooo Sally can waittttt". Just wonderful times.

Here in the states, I don't think there is 1 specific "end of the night song". For a bit, Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" was heavy in the streets, but I think that's more or less died out by now. Semisonic "Closing Time" is another tried and true last call song, and while I'm not sick of it, I find it a bit cliche.


"Friends In Low Places" I feel makes the rounds as well. Is it a closing song though? It's definitely a great sing-a-long, nevertheless. 

And speaking of, as far as songs that are just great to sing along to at bars, I think "Mr. Brightside" takes the cake. Everyone goes nuts for it. Every time. Universally it's gotta be the number 1 jukebox and coverband song in the world right now.

Another big time bar juke box song that gets the people going is "All The Small Things". When it goes "Work sucks, I know", everyone is loud as can be.

"Sweet Caroline"...I mean, sure. I'd be perfectly content going the rest of my life never hearing that song again, but basic white chicks love it so whatever. 

"Livin on a Prayer" is in that "Don't Stop Believing" category of annoyance at this point. It's so overdone and played out, just be better than that.

Obviously there's a ton more great bar singalong songs. Sometimes you don't even realize it, but a song will drop at exactly the right time and the bar comes together as one in unison. Could be anything. Just need to be at the right bar with the right people. The worst is if like, Eve 6 "Inside Out" comes on and nobody at the bar has any idea. Fucking kids, man. 

And here's one more for the road- Avicii "Levels" gets the people going 100% of the time.

And obviously Blank Space. Ok now I'm just naming songs I like. That's fair. I miss bars. 

Writing this blog has made me think about how much I wish I could just sit down at a bar to drink. It's a magical, wonderful feeling. You going belly up to the bar, watching the bartender pour you a cold pint, watching the delicious golden ale flow fill the glass, it's like porn.

Miss that feeling. Miss that feeling so much.



PS: Gem and Factory both opened for carry-out today. If you're in NYC support our friends. They've been so good to us.