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Mouse Trap Technology Has Only Devolved Over Time

I'm sure there have been times in your life where you've felt fed up with a particular situation. Perhaps you yelled and screamed, venting to a close pal in an attempt to alleviate some of your stress. Maybe it escalated to a point where you engaged in fisticuffs or broke a controller after a Madden glitch caused you to lose a tightly contested game. Most likely you took a long, hot shower, got a quick cry in then pulled up Xvideos to cleanse your soul. There are levels to how fed up one can be, and the level of release necessary is typically correlated. Balance and whatnot. Well the guy who invented the Rodent Eviscerater 1000 was perhaps the most fed up human to ever live. A lot of people find themselves with a mouse problem and they get a cat. Bring in the next level of the food chain, buy a litter box, problem solved. Not Yosemite Sam's great grandpappy. "What if I tied a spoon to a miniature musket, stuffed that with some fresh mozz and gun powder, and started blasting these bastards to Valhalla?" And blast he did. I have no idea why we went away from this technology. I can't imagine a more satisfying sound than sitting in the living room, quietly straining your eyes as you attempted to read one of the three books ever written by whale blubber candle light, and hearing the Rat Blaster start licking shots like New Years Eve. I've been disappointed by humanity a ton over these last two months but finding out we made a collective decision to cease production on Mouse Muskets is a low I didn't know existed.