LATE NITE SMOKESHOW: Nothin' But Butts Edition

This was bad and I should feel bad but also if you didn't see this coming as soon as you saw the title I don't know what to tell ya.

Also those butts really have been on my mind. The weather is getting nice again which means it's time to come out of cold weather lung dart hibernation & pick it up again. How can I be 5 months off the heaters & doing fine and then suddenly as soon as it hits 75 degrees it's all I can think about? As I type this I can literally feel it in my lungs & want to dig the stale old pack out from the back of my underwear drawer & crawl onto my fire escape. Almost like they're addicting? Anyways, sorry about this ha ha Here's some actual butt-butts so I don't leave you hangin'. G'nite!