104 Year-Old Woman Has Survived Spanish Flu, Stage 4 Cancer, Two Broken Hips, And Now Coronavirus

Ida Acconciamessa has survived stage 4 melanoma, faced two broken hips, and lived through the Spanish Flu. Now, at 104 years old, she just beat the coronavirus. 

"We really didn't think she was going to be able to pull through this," her daughter, 77-year-old Barbara Senese, told CBS News. "She wasn't even able to speak. She was lifeless. And now she's eating. She's talking."

I've all sorts of articles today. Studies about this. Studies about that. Studies about how there might be some fucking honeybees with coronavirus. How about scientists just drop all of that nonsense and study this chick instead. 104 years young and literally indestructible. You can't kill her. She's basically the final boss for viruses. You run into Ida and your days of terrorizing the human body are done. She is the black knight. Cancer? Merely a flesh wound

There has got to be something to her genetics. She is just straight up a more advanced being than me. If I don't get a solid 7-8 hours sleep I turn into mush. She has been living for 104 years and things have been trying to kill her the entire time. If we can just scrape her DNA or stem cells and make super humans maybe we can get the economy back up and running and have sports so I can go back to poisoning my body with alcohol and carbs. Credit to Ida, a real life super human.