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Jared Posted Johnny Damon's '04 Grand Slam Yesterday But Not Because I'm In It

Yes, that is me.

I paid $290. A woman working in the Back Bay posted it on craigslist on the morning of the game. I jumped right on it and had the ducat within 20 minutes. She only had one ticket and a work commitment so going to the game wasn't a real option for her. I went home to shower and get changed before jumping on the next Amtrak. No bag. No hotel. Just a ticket. Only Sox gear was pair of crew socks I still have (I was warned by a Queens buddy before the game that Sox fans were getting it I might want to dress down).

More like blacking out before the final out. Somehow finding my way back to Manhattan. Vague memories of a dive. Ended up at a diner near the ESB for a cheeseburger. Eventually got to Penn Station for early train back home. What a night.

A week later, I was in St. Louis for Game 4 all because I knew Wayne Gretzky didn't win the Cup in 1986.