Cam Newton Will Reportedly Not Sign Anywhere As A Backup

After Andy Dalton signed with the Cowboys this weekend, almost every QB has a home. That is, except for Cam Newton. 

Some may be wondering why hasn't the former MVP & No. 1 pick been signed yet? 

SOURCE-Joe Person of The Athletic noted on Sunday that there is “No way Cam Newton signs [with] anyone as a backup.”

That's like me saying I'm only going home with a 10 from the bar on a Friday night. You know what that translates to? I'm going home alone. You know what Cam Newton's stance translates to? He isn't going to get signed. 

Let's go division by division to see where Cam could end up:

AFC West: 

Chiefs & Broncos are set

Chargers - After drafting Herbert and having Tyrod Taylor this would be a waste. 

Raiders - Derrick Carr is still the guy there. Cam could be better, but I don't see the Raiders going way from Carr. 

AFC North:

Ravens & Bengals QB situation is clear. Cam could look to the Steelers and wait out Big Ben. He could also sign with the Browns, but he'd be Baker's backup. 


AFC South:

Colts, Titans, and Texans QB situation is clear. 

Jaguars - Cam could go and compete with Gardner Minshew. 

AFC East: 

Jets, Bills, and Dolphins QB situation is clear.

Patriots - This is the situation Cam would fit best in. I'd assume he beats out Stidham and starts. 

NFC West:

49ers, Rams, Seahawks, and Cardinals QB situation is clear. 

NFC North:

Vikings, Packers, Lions QB situation is set. 

Bears - He would have to compete with Trubisky & Foles. I don't think he's doing that. 

NFC South:

Falcons, Saints, and Bucs are set. Cam isn't going back to the Panthers. 

NFC East: 

Eagles, Cowboys, Giants QB situation is clear. 

Redskins - I guess he could go in and compete with Haskins? 

There are not a lot of options for Cam right now. 

In my heart of hearts I still think he is a good NFL QB. Although, his 2018 season was not great. He ranked 19th in QBR and went 6-8 as a starter. That being said, he has always ranked low in QBR (19th in 17, 25th in 16, and 11th in 2015). 

Since he came into the league (2011), Cam has ranks 30th in ANY/A. That's not awful. Part of his value, of course, comes from being physical as a runner. The big question will be is he healthy? 

Some other stats for Cam since entering the league in 2011:

-13th in 4th quarter comebacks

-15th in game-winning drives. 

-50th in completion percentage

-41st in INT rate. 

-1st in rushing TDs (by a 36 TD margin)

-3rd in rushing yards per game. 

I think he is worth it for somebody like the Patriots. He could be a league average QB and with the defense the Patriots have, that's all you may need to win the AFC East.