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I Am Both Triggered & Infatuated Watching This Tik Tok Of A Burger Cooking On A Clothing Iron

My mind is spinning right now. And I'm not talking about the fun spinning when you find one of your dad's old Playboys in the attic...I'm talking the weird type of spinning when you don't know what to make of something, with that something being cooking a burger on a clothing iron. 

My instant thought was that this was sacrilegious to the burger community. Sacrilegious to Mark Wahlberg (of Wahlberger's). Sacrilegious to Bobby Flay (of Bobby's Burger Palace), Sacrilegious to the late Dave Thomas (Of Wendy's), and most of all Sacrilegious to me (Host of the critically-acclaimed Burger show "Boozin' Burgers at Barstool Sports). To put it simply, cooking a nice piece of meat on a gadget that heats up your clothes is pretty, pretty, pretty...GROSS.

Yet on the other hand I would be lying if I was said I wasn't the least bit intrigued! Whoever made this meal used a nice thin patty which I salivate over more & even got a nice brown on one side before turning it over to get some nice cheese on top. All good things which had me thinking I was quite possibly overreacting. Then it all went downhill.

The artist behind this DROPPED the burger on it's way to the plate (Taffer voice) which is gross. Also not to mention would a metal spatula touching a metal clothing iron not electrocute you in some way? I have no idea if that's true or not as I'm no Nikola Tesla, but just food for thought. And finally I'd be a fraud if I didn't comment on the actual shape of the presentation. That meat/bread ratio hurt my tastebuds to even look at! Real sad. And finally just a slice on tomato on half the burger? That is ROUGH. 

Score? .6 Balls.