A Kayaker In Fells Point Saved A Puppy That Fell In The Harbor



The Sun — Matt Corasanti was taking his gear off after a quick, post-work kayak outing in Fells Point Monday evening when a frantic man ran up to him, saying his dog had fallen into the water and asking whether Corasanti could help him. Corasanti hopped back into his kayak, docked at the Canton Kayak Club in the 1600 block of Thames St., and paddled toward the puppy, which was trying to scramble back over a concrete barrier and onto the dock. But he couldn’t reach it. So, the 28-year-old Canton man slipped out of his kayak and into the harbor. Bobbing in his life jacket, Corasanti swam over to the little dog, plucked it up in one hand and lifted it to safety. “My whole focus was trying not to get any water in my eyes or mouth,” he said. “I was really glad the little puppy is OK,” Sumers said. “It was jumping around excitedly. My first reaction was relief that it wasn’t a child. And I’m glad the kayaker wasn’t hurt either. “Neither Corasanti nor Sumers knew the dog’s owners. They said the couple whisked away the animal soon after the incident.


Bless his heart. That pup’s owners are lucky ol’ Banksy wasn’t there because that dog would be dead as dick. Fells Point harbor water? Pass. How he didn’t come out with needles coming out of every orifice is the bigger miracle here. I wouldn’t think twice, there is zippy chance I’m getting involved with that grime. You can’t clean that off, it sticks with you for weeks, months, probably even decades. I guess what I’m getting at is Mr. Corasanti here is a far better man than I. Sacrificing a lifetime of good hygiene to save a puppy is a level of heroism I’ll never approach, so cheers to you Matt.