Jeremy Piven Shared A Story About An Unused Kobe Cameo On Entourage & Now I'm Very Very Sad

“One cameo that was never seen was Kobe Bryant. God rest his soul," Piven said. "As you guys know, we filmed a lot at Staples (Center). We were there and I saw Kobe warming up so I went over to him and he’s always so present and gracious. The camera came over, Kobe was just warming up, taking threes, and I just went into character and told him that I want to represent him, that I think he’s incredibly charismatic, and that he can do really great work and be really prolific in the film world. And he was just taking threes, just saying like, ‘Nah, man. I don’t have what Denzel has. I just don’t have it. It’s just not in me.’

Alright...I have a bone to pick with the creator of Entourage Doug Ellin. He already randomly has me blocked on instagram for some reason and I never even did anything! I was a loyal follower & biggest Entourage fan for years and next thing I know I'm blocked by the creator of the friggen' show! That hurt my heart yet I've still persevered. Still a huge fan. Rewatch it constantly. It's the best. But this? THIS! The straw on the camel's back may have officially been broken after learning this information courtesy of Jeremy Piven.

I mean what the hell are we doing on Entourage that we couldn't have thrown a Kobe cameo in there? I've seen Pauly Shore get his own show inside the show on Entourage! I've seen Lamar Odom make fun of Johnny Drama's subpar calves on Entourage! Anthony Michael Hall take a piss off of a roof on Entourage! Gary Busey has about a 20 episode arch for Christ's sake! But I can't get a nice minute conversation between Hollywood's biggest agent & Hollywood's biggest basketball player???

Ari Gold trying to get Kobe to make a transition into the film world is the type of content we needed to see both back in the day and in the present day. What's gonna happen next? We find out that Turtle had a cameo from Babe Ruth that went unused as well? Sad stuff all around.