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Matt Wieters Got Back Behind The Plate For The O's Andddddd He Has Elbow Tendinitis

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Womp wompppp. Not the best news out of Orioles camp as it was announced that catcher Matt Wieters, coming off of Tommy John Surgery, has elbow tendinitis. Wieters saw his first action behind the plate yesterday, catching six innings. Yesterdays start was exactly nine months after Wieters went under the knife. Everyone was holding their breath waiting to hear how he felt after his start, guess it could have been worse.

O’s also announced that Wieters will not be catching for at least one week. Buck Showalter said earlier today that Wieters may DH Sunday, but until then, he will be resting. Showalter also said that Dr. James Andrews said it’s normal for a guy nine months off TJ surgery to feel some soreness and that “it’s not a setback.” Seems like it’s not the worst news in the world, I may have been more worried if he wasn’t sore. First action in nine months, you’re going to feel something. Twins didn’t try and steal on him yesterday, but he still had to go through the wear and tear of catching a major league game.

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That sounds good and all, but I’ve read this book before. Heard it both times Manny screwed his knees up, and if I remember correctly, they said the same thing with Bundy and Hunter Harvey. The club came out and said “he’ll be fine, just rest, no worries.” Then blind sides us and announces they’re getting surgery. Gotta trust DD and Buck here and assume that this is normal for a guy coming off this surgery, and that Wieters will be fine. Not sure if he makes a full recovery in time for Opening Day, but we’ll see. Buck also said Wieters probably won’t DH on Opening Day, but that could change.

I just want him to comeback when he’s ready and healthy. He missed 136 games last year, and was still named an All Star. O’s won the division by 12 without him, would love to see how he helps the team this year if he’s healthy.

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