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It's Still Very Important To Check In On Your Friends

The above thread is going pretty viral on Twitter. Basically this dude's 11 year old has always loved writing letters to people and during the pandemic she wanted to thank her postal worker for letting her continue to mail letters. That letter went viral around the postal world, leading to letters being sent around the world, and the message basically is this, which I could not agree more with:

I was talking to Frankie about something similar to this the other day. How at the beginning of the pandemic we were all about checking in on our friends, making sure everyone was ok, all that. But the longer this has gone on, the more people have dropped off from doing that. We've gotten so accustom to being alone. I bet the number of Zoom happy hours, the number of calls "just to say hi" and the amount of food being sent to hospitals have all dropped dramatically. We just get comfortable and move on. Thankfully there are still people like the Borrellis doing god's work

So remember that people are still struggling, people still need to know you care. For some reason it is not manly or some shit to talk about loneliness. Guess what? Everyone is lonely as hell. This shit is super lonely. It's completely normal to be wondering if you'll ever see a girl again. If you'll ever feel that warmth, or have a face to face conversation with someone you care about in the near future. This quarantine thing is very not normal, and you don't have to pretend that it is. 

Shit, it's so not normal we have Dave yelling about wearing a fucking mask!

I can't believe "more people die of the flu" people still exist. We would be doing this quarantine regardless. The other option however would have been to wait til WAYYYY more people died and then we all would have panicked and done this way, way too late. So we took the option to have fewer deaths, which then in turn has people going "see, it was all fake!". They would have preferred we let a ton of people die first, and then stayed inside. That was the other option. Pretty crazy how people cannot think one level above. They need to see blood in the street FIRST and then take action. It's disheartening. God we're going to be locked inside forever, aren't we?

Anyway, please do your part, stay safe, and hopefully we are out of this mess before we take the Christmas lights down in January. Gosh bless.