Pour One Out For The Haters Because Carson Wentz Says He's Not Worried About Any QB Controversy In Philly


That's. My. Quarterback. 

The biggest issue I had with the Eagles drafting Jalen Hurts in the 2nd round is how much it exposed the majority of Eagles fans of being donkey brained bozos. If you thought for even one moment that this isn't going to make Carson a better player, you've got a big ol' bowl of mashed potatoes in your skull. 

Carson Wentz is a competitor. He's not wired like you or me. He doesn't see someone get hired at the same position as him and immediately get worried about his job security. Like Max Kellerman, for example. I know that he gets paid to be the biggest moron on television but this man sat on screen last week and legitimately said that Carson Wentz should demand a trade. The biggest beta mentality of all time. That's a move straight from the Tate Martell playbook and I don't even know if that kid still plays football or not. 

Carson Wentz doesn't see a quarterback controversy in Philly. He just sees a competition that'll make himself better. And considering the type of teammate that Jalen Hurts is, it sounds like Carson realizes that competition is going to make everybody better. Competition does not equal controversy. The only idiots out there who create a controversy in the first place are the fans and the media. 

But if you want to talk about a legitimate quarterback controversy....

Bringing in Andy Dalton while you're still in contract negotiations with Dak? The thing with Carson Wentz and Jalen Hurts is that there are legitimate ways in which they can work together on the field. Andy and Dak, not so much. Sure seems like Jerry Jones went out of his way here to undercut Dak in negotiations. I'd say that's a little different that Howie Roseman just trying to add another creative weapon to the offense, no?