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PornHub Saw A 9,325% Increase In People Searching The Word "Leprechaun" On St. Patrick's Day

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Metro- St Patrick’s Day is seen the world over as a day to celebrate Irish culture, wear green and get hammered on Guinness. However for some people this temporary love of all things Irish spread from their head to their… loins. Pornhub have released figures of what sort of adult films people were searching for during St Patrick’s Day, which reveal searches for the word ‘leprechaun’ went up ‘9325 per cent compared to an average day’. We don’t want to know how many searches their are for leprechaun porn on an ‘average day’, and frankly, we don’t wish to know. Several other words and phrases saw a huge increase in searches on the day of Ireland’s patron saint. ‘Irish cougar’ and ‘Irish redhead’ both experienced search increases, as did ‘green hair’ bizarrely. Horny porn lovers were even searching for videos with the words ‘St Patrick’ in the title – is that any way to honour a Saint?




I’ll make this quick.  If you didn’t have a lady friend on your side for St. Patrick’s Day (or even if you did) and you didn’t search for leprechaun porn then you’re the weird one.  That’s what that 9,325% increase tells me and it’s accurate.  It’s called getting into the spirit of the holiday.  It’s one day out of the year and you should do everything to celebrate it.  Even if you’re not Irish you should still take part in all the festivities.  Drinking, wearing green, puking in public, etc.  And yeah, that includes looking for a porn that involves leprechauns.  We live in a brave new world where you’re just a few simple key strokes away from jerking it to a leprechaun having sex with a smoking hot porn star.  Embrace this time period and everything that comes with it.  If you don’t, you might as well be one of those people who say, “Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day is amateur hour.”  Shut your stupid face.  Drinking on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t amateur hour*.  Sorry you don’t enjoy getting day drunk and high-fiving strangers.  Same goes for masturbating to leprechaun-themed porn.  Just do it.  Bet you’ll have more fun than you thought.


*Drinking on New Years Eve sucks though.  I won’t call it amateur hour but I will say it fucking sucks going out on New Years Eve.  You have to get dressed up and pretend to care when midnight hits.  It’s a whole thing.  St. Patrick’s Day is different.  You wear a hoodie or a t-shirt and jeans and you act like an idiot all day.  Big difference because one is fun and one is torture.