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Hey Georgia, Maybe Sit The Next Few Plays Out

The Daily News -- New infections continue to climb by the hundreds daily in metro Atlanta, where Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms has clashed with the state’s first-term Republican governor over his early easing of lockdown restrictions. 

The first-term Republican governor referred to above is Gov. Brian Kemp.  If you don't know Gov. Kemp, allow us to introduce you to him before we carry on.

That's a REAL fucking ad, for a real fucking person trying to be elected to the very real position of Governor of the state of Georgia. 

This Kevin Bacon looking mother fucker is the same person who publicly admitted in early April that he just learned that asymptomatic people can spread the virus. A "game-changer" as he called it.

Kemp reopened the state of Georgia last week, and on the first day, THE FIRST DAY, over 1,000 cases were reported and the numbers continue to climb. Georgia opened with restrictions, initially, only salons, tattoo parlors, and gyms, three places where contact with others is inevitable, are open. Oh… and bowling alleys, probably because they are awesome. Later in the week, restaurants and movie theaters were opened, while bars, night clubs, and schools are to remain closed until at least May 13th.   

Georgia doesn't stand alone. In Hard Factor's home base of Texas, stay-at-home orders are being eased up, and 13 other states reportedly reopened for business today.   

Don't get us wrong, We're all for getting back to normalcy as soon as we can, but it needs to be done right. The first step is firing all the protesters who don't WEAR a MASK to PROTEST the STAY-AT-HOME order into the god damn sun. Cut that shit out right now. Protest all you want, but put on a fucking mask.  

The next step is opening places that can alter their business practices to minimize contact with customers and workers now, and help those that can't.  There's no need to rush anything and botch this. We're all itching to get back to work, school and the bar on the corner, and for sports to be back on TV and in stadiums, but we'll be DAMNED if we get out of lockdown too early and have to shelter back at home in a few months again.  You know that saying "if at first, you don't succeed… try try again"? Fuck that. Succeed the first time and let's never try this again…ever.  

So let's be smart people…stay the fuck home for the time being. Wear a mask if you go out. Don't go ANYWHERE if you feel sick. And punch a protester or two if they're out without a mask.

We love you Georgia, yous guys be safe out there! 

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