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People Were So Jazzed Up To See Carmen Electra On The Last Dance, Her Name Was Searched On Pornhub 1.7 Million Times

[Source] - The Netflix and ESPN documentary The Last Dance featured details about Denis Rodman’s relationship with model Carmen Electra during the Chicago Bulls 1997-98 season. TMZ contacted Pornhub’s statisticians to see if the documentary had an effect on Pornhub searches.

After the episode was released on April 26th, searches for Carmen Electra surged to more than 1.7 million, compared to her daily average of just 1,500 searches.

This is the sort of stats that we need these days. There are no sports going on as of this moment, so give me Pornhub stats based on The Last Dance. You could argue that no one has been a bigger winner than Carmen Electra thanks to this documentary. Don't believe me look at that stat again! Up to 1.7 million vs 1,500 on a daily search. 

Can't say I blame them. Carmen Electra still is an absolute rocket. 48 years old and still one of the best looking in the game. Again, we had Carmen Electra Day on Barstool because of it. People are going to Pornhub to look for Carmen Electra. The best I can do are gifs and Instagram, which I'd love to see the numbers of searches like that: 



I like to imagine this is what someone like KenPom and other analytical geniuses thought of when analytics became hot in the sports streets. Let's find out how much porn searches go up based on a TV documentary. But let's get to the point here. If you didn't search Carmen Electra you're the weird one. 1.7 million people! Do you know how many people that is? The entire city of Phoenix, which according to Wikipedia is 1.6 million. The entire city of Phoenix is searching for Carmen Electra on Pornhhub! 

God bless the Internet. God bless Carmen Electra.