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I Love That The 90's Bulls Exclusively Drank Miller Lite (And A Lot Of It)

I'm not trying to tell anyone how to do their job but if I'm Miller Lite I'm running back an ad campaign pronto about how the greatest dynasty in professional sports history did nothing but slug Great Tasting Less Fillings behind the scenes. Seriously every single time we are in the locker room or training room or walking with the media, there's a GTLF in somebody's hand. The scene from last night was probably the best of it all - the boys in suits (only bring one FYI) lounging on the physical therapy tables, working on their arm exercises with some lighter weight repetitions. Even better is you know they're waiting to get on a plane that's going to be filled with gambling and more booze and legendary stories, and they're starting it right with Miller Lites: the official beer of Barstool Chicago. I'm not calling this poetic justice but you'd have to be some kind of imbecile asshole to not find a connection. 

Elsewhere, all you piss water enthusiasts can kick rocks. I'm not here to debate personal preference and that's the point of the new ad campaign I'm informally launching in my brain. If it's good enough for Michael, it's good enough for you. Same shit applied to Gatorade, Nike, Coke, Wheaties and Hanes. They're are at the top of their respective industries for good reason and it's because everyone wants to Be Like Mike. Now argue that shit against me and tell me GTLF sucks. Seriously say it to my face. I'm curious to know just how many of you are stupid enough to argue against Michael Jordan's preferred domestic beer. 

I'll have a lot more on this later. From the sounds of it you guys are craving a 5-part breakdown for each episode? Seems excessive but I'll do my best.