Who Gives Better Dating Advice: Me Or Ellie?

When you think of dating advice here at Barstool Sports, you think of two people: Ellie Schnitt and Tommy Smokes. Ellie is the "final boss of sorority girl Twitter" and host of Schnitt Talk. I am a notorious playboy and host of the top dating advice podcast for men, Call Him Mommy. So on Saturday, we fielded questions on the Viva La Stool Instagram. You can watch the full recap video above, but I'll also provide a synopsis of our answers. 

Question: DMing a girl. Good convo. Asked for number but she "doesn't really give it out." End the attempt?

Ellie's Advice: You probably didn't actually have a good conversation. Look back at it. If she doesn't want to give you her number after a conversation, she's not that into you. 

Tommy's Advice: Plenty of other options besides texting nowadays. Try hitting her up on LinkedIn. Girls love that and are basically only on there for dating purposes. 



Question: How do you transition from quarantine dating to real life dating?

Ellie's Advice: You can stop thinking about "who's in my league?" Most of us are just going to want to be with someone after all this. So post-quarantine dating, just be as confident as possible and go for whoever you like. 

Tommy's Advice: If you've started dating someone only virtually during quarantine, make sure you're a totally different person in real life once this ends. Be the real life version of you and act entirely differently. It's going to throw her for a loop. It'll be great. 


Question: This girl has told me she likes me, but her friends hate me for something I did five years ago. What do I do?

Ellie's Advice: Girls always hate their friends' boyfriends a little bit because they only hear about the bad things. So just suck up as much as possible to the friends. Be super nice, buy drinks at the bar, and eventually they'll get over it if you're good enough. 

Tommy's Advice: You're going to want to make this girl hate you too. The last thing you want to do is break up a friend group. She likes you, they don't, it leads to fights, etc., etc. Just make her hate you too and then they can bond together. Everyone stays friends. It's selfless and the right thing to do. 


Question: I had a friends with benefits that I had feelings for but wouldn't admit it. Was I right to cut her off completely?

Ellie's Advice: Why would you cut it off? Just tell them and see what happens. The worst thing that happens is she'd say she doesn't feel the same way. You have to just go for it. 

Tommy's Advice: I get why you wanted to cut her off, but Hollywood never lies. No Strings Attached, Friends With Benefits, and pretty much any other romantic comedy shows it'll all work out in the end. Just stick it out, and you'll get your own rom-com one day. 


Question: We've been "talking" for a few months, but I'm bored with it and ready to end it. What should I do?

Ellie's Advice: I'm definitely the wrong person to ask because I normally just ghost. But maybe just be up front about it and say you don't think there's a spark. You can't really argue with not having a spark. 

Tommy's Advice: Well obviously you can't be honest, so you need to come up with a great lie. Maybe say you've been cast on the new season of Survivor. That buys you about a month and a half. You will have to commit though to going dark on all social media and not texting anyone, but it's worth it over being honest. 


Some great advice in there. We'll be doing it again this weekend so get your questions ready.