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Watching JLo And Shakira Compare How They Shake Their Asses While Rehearsing For The Super Bowl Halftime Show Is "The Last Dance" For Butts

Save me all the stories from the gambling competition junkie that could also put a ball in a cylinder better than anybody else. This is the sports moment we need a 10 part documentary about:

One GOAT breaking down the ascent to the throne is interesting. But two GOATs sharing their journey to the top of their craft is much more interesting in my humble opinion. I personally had no idea JLo got her booty shaking powers from her knees instead of her million dollar ass or that she was taught how to do it by Mama JLo when she was four (A++++++ parenting btw since it helped get JLo to the pinnacle of her field). Now I am wondering who taught Shakira how to perform this magical act? Does she indeed get her powers from her ass, her knees, or her honest hips? Is there such a thing as horse socks? There are more questions than answers right now, but I can't think of a better way to spend 10 hours of our time than by getting all the answers. Your move, ESPN.

Actually, this seems like something Barstool should work on considering we already have an employee who works for ARod as well and this type of content would probably cause a shitstorm at the Worldwide Leader.