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Nature Is Healing - There Was A Bloody Fight On Board A Packed Spirit Airlines Flight Over The Weekend

NY Post - A Spirit Airlines flight from Los Angeles to Detroit was forced to make an emergency landing in Des Moines after a passenger was pummeled when he complained that his fellow fliers were making too much noise while he was trying to sleep, according to reports. 

Flight 709 made the unscheduled stop in Iowa on Thursday after the fight, which left the passenger badly beaten, according to

This is the story I needed to read today. Just a little bit of normalcy coming back into our lives. And nothing screams getting back to normal like a bloody fight on a Spirit Airlines flight. The people are returning to their natural habitats. Nature is healing. It's beautiful to see.

But it gets better. Oh it gets better. The details of the flight and the fight will just bring tears to your eyes.

Passengers were shocked that the people involved in the fracas were allowed to board the flight after the two-hour delay, the outlet reported.

“We did not arrest anyone. Pretty unique situation. It was determined that the incident took place over Nebraska, so DMPD has no jurisdiction. At the crew’s request, we escorted one passenger off the plane, and it continued on to Detroit,” he said

Love that. Nobody was arrested because they were like "meh, the fight probably happened over another state". We've seen so, so, so many people get arrested after being disruptive on airplanes. I'm 99% positive it does not matter what state the fight happened over. But here they were like "alright, put everyone back on the plane, we're getting to Detroit no matter what". And I do mean NO MATTER WHAT. 

The woman who witnessed the flight said she also was shocked that the flight was packed after Spirit told her it would distance passengers amid coronavirus concerns.

So part 1, there's no social distancing on Spirit flights. Packed in there like sardines, not a care in the world. And I don't know why anyone would expect any different. Spirit doesn't play by the rules. If you want to take a $3 flight, just accept you're going to breath in coronavirus, super-coronavirus, and whatever else is floating through the air of a Spirit plane. Which brings up to part 2….

“They didn’t clean the blood,” she said. “Sat there for two hours, everyone sucking everyone’s coronavirus.”

There was a bloody fight on a packed plane where nobody was arrested and they didn't even bother to clean up the blood. What an end to the story! I told you it'd bring a tear to your eye. Just beautiful to see that nothing, not even a world-wide pandemic, will stop Spirit from being Spirit.