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Woman Cuts Hole In Face Mask. Claims She Had Trouble Breathing Beforehand.


If the new advice is that we should be wearing them when we’re out and about it’s probably a good idea not to take a leaf out of this woman’s book. 

She was filmed going into a shop with a hole cut out of her mask and, when asked where she got it from, she responded that it makes it a lot easier to breathe. It’s probably worth pointing out that it makes the mask completely useless.

I, for one, cannot relate with this woman in the slightest. Then again, I haven't even so much as tried on a mask yet. It's NOT what you may think. I am NOT one of the people waving around a "Let me out of quarantine so I can get a haircut" signs. No, I am far more selfish than that. I haven't even left the house since Connecticut made it mandatory for all people to have masks in public, my parents are the only ones that have left the house in a mask. So I'm not exactly here to argue.

On the other hand, I have a plethora of questions. Questions like how stupid can one be? Does she not have friends/family willing to tell her how stupid of a move this is? Was this an intentional move in order to carry out some bioterroristic plot? So many questions that quite frankly won't get answered. However, we can speculate her thought process.

Yes, she cut a hole in a facemask but what exactly does that mean? I wouldn't exactly consider myself an expert on coronavirus prevention but something tells me that having the full facemask intact is pretty important. Especially the part that actually covers your mouth and nose, which of course, are the parts necessary to breathe. Naturally, the part covering the mouth/nose area is the one you want to remove to make breathing easier. So while this woman managed to cut the only part you actually need, she was able to make her breathing easier. Can I get a hallelujah for this woman's breathing situation improving?

So with this woman's breathing fixed due to her somewhat simple way of thinking, we should look at other ways to improve our lives during these weird times with a similar mindset. I rolled my ankle the other day doing sprints in my backyard, I think I'll just cut off my foot to ease the pain. I was also kind of having some issues seeing out of my right eye but if I just close my eye, the problem is gone!

On a very serious note, this woman is the dumbest person on the planet. The ENTIRE point of masks are to cover your mouth and nose. You know so that you DON'T breathe in germs and get coronavirus right to the face. I literally cannot comprehend how stupid this person is. It's the only thing anyone is talking about! Coronavirus and how to stop it! Does she not own a television or any sort of device with any connection to the outside world? Who knows, maybe she's one of those people who was off on some magical fairy hike for 9 months and came back to this pandemic out of nowhere. Other than that, this lady has no excuse. Someone needs to get her a proper mask ASAP.